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SecretNet, as it were..
SecretNet ceased regular operations on Saturday, 13th of September, 2008.  This means we no longer build custom machines or order in new goods.  Thanks to all our regular customers for many years of loyal patronage and support.

Having said this, however, you may still order from the goods we have in stock, and we continue to honour our warranty commitments.

Click here for the full remaining stock list

Mon Dec 19 2011Looking for some last minute ideas for Christmas and the holidays?
We've discounted all our remaining stock heavily, so be sure to take a look through the list!

Remaining stock

Mon Jul 11 2011Credit Card payment no longer available
After much deliberation, we have decided to cancel our Credit Card processing service as the ongoing costs of maintenance now outweigh any benefit of having this service available.

Australia Post COD and pre-payment via Direct Deposit both remain as valid methods of payment.

Sat Jan 1 2011Another new year, and still selling off stock!
Another year has passed and our stock of Bitspower gear and Crucial DDR2 memory remains up, so dig in! :)  And don't forget  to check out other things too, such as cables of which we have plenty for cheap cheap prices!

PS. Happy 14th birthday, SecretNet.

Mon Jun 28 2010We're ready to take your order
Some may have noticed our server outage over the past few days.  Well, we are happy to report that we're still here to take  your orders and our systems are now functioning normally once again.

Have a look around at the products still available - we're happy to serve.

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